Community Groups

Join us as we discover the way of Jesus for our world today.

Current Groups:

All Groups are Sermon-Based, and the Group Discussion Guides are posted to our website after our Sunday Worship Gatherings.

Check the Events Calendar to find out the next time these groups are meeting!


  • Community Groups are how we will live out our value of Community: a family of disciples on God’s mission for our city.

  • This value shapes the Community Group rhythm:

    • Family: (PLAY) One week will ONLY be about connecting and having fun together (a shared meal, beach day, A’s game, game night, etc.)

    • Disciples: (LEARN) One week will ONLY be about learning the way of Jesus through Sermon-based group discussion, life application, and prayer.

    • Missionaries: (SERVE) One week will ONLY be about serving our neighbors (either by addressing the needs within a 5 mile radius of where you meet, or through participation in an all-church service event.)

    • This PLAY-LEARN-SERVE rhythm can happen in any order, and the Group Leaders can decide which one they’ll do for any remaining weeks in the month.

  • Group Leaders are supported by a Community Group Coach, who provides one-off training for rookie leaders, as well as ongoing bite-sized and needs-based training for veteran leaders throughout the year.

  • A team of Discussion Guide Writers create the Sermon-based Study Guides which are available on our website after our Worship Gatherings.


E-mail Andy or Sarah (click on their names) or call us at (510) 463-4290 if you would like to be connected with a Community Group!

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